Walter Rodney


Guyaneese Leaders

Date of Birth (DOB): 3/23/42
From: Guyana
Best Known for: Author of How Europe Underdeveloped Africa and Guyanese political leader

Bio: Walter Rodney was a post-colonial intellectual and political leader influenced by the likes of Marcus Garvey, C.L.R. James, and the Rastafarian Movement. As a West Indian, Pan Africanist, and Marxist, Rodney's work examined issues such as race and class; slavery and freedom; colonialization and independence; and empowerment and economic development. His death, in June of 1980, occurred at the height of his political struggle against the PNC political party. His fight for self-emancipation of the Guyanese working class through economic development and for solidarity amongst all Guyanese is still needed today.'s complete profile on Walter Rodney
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