Sidney Poitier


Bahamaian Professionals

Date of Birth (DOB): 2/20/1924
From: Bahamas
Best Known for: Movie Actor

Bio: Bahamian native from Cay Island. First Black Caribbean actor to receive Movie superstar status. Paved the way for Black male actors in Hollywood, survived many of the racist pitfalls in the movie industry as well as in his own personal life while living in the US.
He became outspoken for his just rights, and made some of the most critical Hollywood films ever. "No Way Out"-1950, "The Defiant Ones"-1958, "Lillies of the Field"-1963, "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"-1966 (the first on-screen kiss between a black man & a white woman)
Has 5 daughters: Beverly, Pamela, Sherry, Anika, & Sydney.'s complete profile on Sidney Poitier
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