Rudolph Ogilvie


Grenadian Leaders

Date of Birth (DOB): 12/15/57
Died: 4/17/01
From: Grenada
Best Known for: One of the 46 leader of the Grenada Revolution

Bio: Ogilvie’s role in the history of creating the Grenada Revolution is well established. He was one of the historic forty-six (46) Grenadian patriots and revolutionaries who stormed Gairy's True Blue Barracks, the barracks housing the dreaded "Green Beasts" as Gairy's army was called.
In the process, Gairy's entire was defeated without loss of life on both sides.
With the birth of the Grenada Revolution on March 13th 1979, Rudi became a member of the People's Revolution Army (PRA). And led the resistance against the US invasion.
Later as a cultural enthusiast, Rudi selfless dedicated over twenty (20) years of service to the calypso art form. Rudi was an integral part of the Executive of the Grenada Progressive Calypso Association (GPCA) from the 1980's up until the time of his death.'s complete profile on Rudolph Ogilvie
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