Ronnie Butler


Bahamaian Performing & Recording Artists

From: Bahamas
Best Known for: One of the Top 5 Bahamian vocalists

Bio: When one mentions The Bahamas, one automatically thinks of pink sand, conch, Johnny cake, and music. When you talk about Bahamian music, you have to call the name of Bahamas’s musical ambassador, Ronnie Butler.

The Bahamas Guild of Artists’ Association has acknowledged Ronnie Butler as one of its top five vocalists, who have achieved international acclaim during their musical careers. Butler has been in the music industry for well over 50 years; his most famous hit to date was “Burma Road”, which he wrote in 1967; but has sung Calypso, Rock, Bluegrass, Funk, and popular love songs in order to gain mass international appeal. Burma Road happens to be one of his best selling albums which he recorded with his late 60’s/early 70’s band, The Ramblers( Sidney Darling-Bass; Charles Dean-Drums; Cari, Flask, Rodgers-Guitar & Vocals).

The entertainment world has been quite harsh throughout his career, but despite the obstacles presented, Butler remains steadfast and determined to overcome. Today however, Ronnie no longer performs as often as he used to; but he has expressed his concerns over future Bahamian artists and national pride by diverting his attention and current resources into consulting, developing, and managing up-and-coming Bahamian artists.

When you visit Nassau, it’s not hard to find this Bahamian cultural icon. Just head for the Radisson Bar Lounge or the King and Knights Native Revue Dance Club located at the Nassau Beach Hotel on Cable Beach. Make sure you bring your partying spirit for great Bahamian music from Ronnie Butler & Fire.'s complete profile on Ronnie Butler
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