Dwight Yorke


Trinidadian Athletes

Date of Birth (DOB): 11/3/71
From: Trinidad and Tobago
Best Known for: Football star of England's Manchester United and Trinidad and Tobago's National team.

Bio: Dwight Yorke the star player of both the Manchester United and the Trinidad and Tobago National Teams was discovered by Graham Taylor during a tour of the West-Indies. Taylor, then a manager for British team Aston-Villa signed Yorke for 120,000 to play in the United Kingdom. Yorke made his League debut on December the 29th 1990 for Aston-Villa playing none other than his future team Manchester United, the game ended in a 1-1 draw. Over the next few years Yorke plagued with injuries saw little action, however in 1996 he scored the 3rd goal against Leeds united in ManU’s Coca Cola Cup victorious final. The following year he scored 20 League goals for Aston-Villa and in 1998, his final year with Aston-Villa he took his team to the UEFA cup finals beating Arsenal 1-0. In 1998 Dwight Yorke signed with Manchester United for a record-setting 12.6 million.
His friend ship with teammate Andy Cole led them to become a dynamic scoring duo and he proved worthy of the sterling paid for his abilities scoring 29 goals that season earning him the distinction of “the Carling Player of the Year.” His 2000/2001 scoring has not feared as well, some place the blame on his less than usual performances on his back-and-forth commuting between playing for ManU in the UK and the Trinidadian National Team mostly in the Western Hemisphere where they were attempting to qualify for a spot in the 2002 World Cup. Dwight Yorke player #19 for Manchester United is one of Tobago’s brightest shining stars.

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