Donovan Bailey


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Date of Birth (DOB): 12/16/67
From: Jamaica
Best Known for: Canadian 100-metres Olympic and World Champion in Track & Field

Bio: Donovan Bailey is one of five sons from George and Daisy Bailey of Manchester, Jamaica. His family emigrated to Canada in 1980 when he was 13, where he attended the Queen Elizabeth Park Secondary School in Oakville, Ontario. Later on, he attained a degree in Economics from Sheridan College in Oakville, making a star impact on the basketball team; but it was the arena of Track & Field and the sprint-races where Donovan really shined and impressed his opponents and coaches.

In 1995 Donovan became a world champion for Canada in the Men’s 100metres and on the 4 x 100-metres relay team in Sweden. The following year in 1996 he was a double gold medal Olympic champion in Atlanta winning the 100-metres in 9.84 seconds. He was named the Canadian Athlete of the year.

In 1997 Donovan winning ways and confidence levels peaked to the point where he engaged in verbal assaults with US sprint champion Michael Johnson as to who was the world’s fastest man (at that time). To help settle the dispute, a special 150-metre showdown race was scheduled between Bailey and Johnson at Toronto’s Skydome. The victor got undisputed bragging rights as the world’s fastest man and $1million winners purse. Johnson suffered a quadriceps injury during the race and pulled up lame. This irritated Bailey who accused him of being afraid of losing. This type of trash-talking took on another level in 1999 when Bailey feuded with fellow Canadian track sprinter Bruny Surin at the World Championships. Both wanted to run the anchor leg, but it didn’t really matter because the relay team lost disappointingly because the team chemistry was ruined.

Since those stellar performances, Donovan has found it difficult to regain that past form with hamstring and Achilles tendon injuries, and a serious car accident have taken their toll and re-adjusted his outlook on what was really important in his life.

Donovan’s home away from Jamaica is Oakville Ontario Canada, as well as in Austin Texas with his track coach Dan Pfaff. Here’s a listing of his accomplishments:

50-metres indoor: 5.56 seconds
100-metres: 9.84 seconds
4 x 100-metres relay: 37.69 seconds (Canadian Record)
150-metres: 14.99 seconds
200-metres: 20.14 seconds
Recorded a top speed of 27 mph at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games
1995: 100-metres and 4 x 100-metres relay World Champion. First Canadian since Percy Williams in 1928 to win Olympic Gold in the 100-metres.
1996: 100-metres, 4 x 100-metres Olympic Champion, World Champion
1997: Recognized as World’s Fastest Man (defeated Michael Johnson). 100-metres Silver medallist and 4 x 100-metres world champion.

Donovan spends time nowadays with his daughter Adriena and girlfriend Michelle. He owns a stock-brokerage, management, and construction company with one of his four brothers.'s complete profile on Donovan Bailey
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