Austin "Superblue" Lyons


Trinidadian Performing & Recording Artists

Date of Birth (DOB): 5/25/56
From: Trinidad and Tobago
Best Known for: Road march Monarch several times over

Bio: Austin Lyons a/k/a Superblue (formerly known as Blue Boy) was born on May 25, 1956 in Point Fortin, Trinidad. At an early age he taught himself to make and play steel pan, and then formed his own band, the Apple Stars Steel Orchestra. In 1980 Blue boy joined a calypso tent and sang "Soca Baptist", written on a layover in Santo Domingo in 1979. This tune took the whole country by storm, and went on to earn him the title Road March Monarch. "Soca Baptist" was the biggest Road March in the history of Trinidad Carnival up to that time.

In 1981 he became Road March Monarch for the third time time with his tune "Rebecca", which was also played by the winners of Panorama, Witch Desperadoes.In 1986 Blue Boy helped form, then manage, the calypso tent "Culture House" and its associated record label. This venture required a lot of his time, but he still found time to write "Blue Fever", a runner-up for the Road March. In August he appeared at Socalypso 86 in London. This was the longest live soca festival to be staged in Europe up to that time.

In 1991 his tune "Get Something And Wave" earned a fourth Road March Monarch by a landslide and in August he became the first calypsonian to ever perform at Wembley Convention Centre in London, England.

In 1992 Superblue was crowned Road March Monarch for the fifth time with "Jab-Jab". In 1993 Superblue was crowned Road March Monarch for the sixth time with his tune "Bachannal Time". In 1995 Superblue coveted the title of Road March Monarch again with “Lara”. His 2000 Road March title for “Pump Up “ was marred by controversy, when a fellow vocalist Iwer George sued the committee claiming his song “Carnival Come Back Again” should have won. Superblue continues to tour the Caribbean, Canada, Europe and the United States, spreading the music and culture of Trinidad and Tobago.'s complete profile on Austin "Superblue" Lyons
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