Alexander Bustamante


Jamaican Government Officials

Date of Birth (DOB): 8/6/1884
Died: 8/6/77
From: Jamaica
Best Known for: First Prime Minister of Jamaica

Bio: When Jamaica gained independence, on the 6th of August 1962, Alexander Bustamante became their first Prime Minister. Bustamante was born William Alexander Clarke at Blenheim, in Hanover, in 1884 and later changed his name. He was a cousin of another Jamaican National Hero, Norman Manley.

In 1905 Bustamante started to travel. He went to Spain, Cuba, Panama and the United States. Bustamante came back to Jamaica in the 1930s
In 1943, he started a political party called the Jamaica Labor Party, or the JLP. When Jamaica became independent in 1962, Bustamante became the first Prime Minister. He died in 1977 at the age of ninety-three, leaving memories of a brave-hearted Labour leader, an astute politician and defender of the poor.'s complete profile on Alexander Bustamante
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