Adonal Foyle


Saint Vincentian Athletes

Date of Birth (DOB): 3/29/75
From: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Best Known for: Plays basketball for the NBA, Golden State Warriors, The NCAA's all-time blocked shots leader

Bio: Adonal David Foyle was born on the Island of Canouan in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on March 29th 1975 3rd in a family of four. His father abandonded the family when Adonal was only 6 and his mother left shortly afterwards to find work elsewhere, leaving Adonal, his two older sisters and one younger brother to be raised by their grandmother.

At the age of 15, Adonal moved to Union Island to attend secondary school and was soon recruited to play basketball for his school and a local team.

During a tournament on the Island of Dominica, Adonal was befriended by Jay and Joan Mandle, a couple from the U.S. who were taking place in the tournament. Mr. Mandle as a referee and his wife as a time keeper. They sponsored Adonal to come to the U.S. and within a year he was living with the couple whom he regards as his "surrogate parents" in the town of Hamilton, upstate New York.

Adonal attended college at Colgate University, where at the time both Mandles taught and played on the Schools basketball team. While playing for Colgate he set the NCAA's all time record for blocked shots (492) breaking Alonzo Mournings 453.

By the end of his college career Adonal was named both a second-team all-American and an academic all-American, he also set the record for Colgates all time rebounder (1,103) and the 2nd highest scorer (1,776 points). He graduated magna cum laude from Colgate University with a B.A. in history. On Feburary 2nd 2002 Colgate retired Adonal Foyle's college Jersey (#31).

He was the Warriors 1st round choice in the 1997 NBA draft and he was ranked 15th in the NBA in blocks per game (1.79) in 1999-2000. At his peak, he was known to block the shots of high scorers such as Kobe Bryantand Micheal Jordan, unfortunately his career has since been plauged by he has by injuries, he remains a reserve on his team playing forward and center.

Of court he is known to be a bit of an eccentric; he writes poetry (published on his website Foyle, also an avid reader is the offical spokesperson for the Warriors "Tall Tales" Reading program, participated in the "Making the Grade" program, a program to prevent middle schoolers from dropping out of school when they reach high school. He is also the founder of the organization Democracy Matters dedicated to limiting the influence of money in politics.'s complete profile on Adonal Foyle
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